Voices with Refugees

We aim to raise awareness about issues related to refugees and advocate for refugee rights around the world

Who We Are

Voices for Refugees is a focus group service at UWCSEA East. Our group works to advocate for refugee rights within our community, as well as the rights of other marginalized groups across the globe. To learn more about our group and the work we do, click on the button below!

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Climate Refugees – Video for Critical Perspectives

This was a video we created for the new Critical Perspectives Curriculum, in order to inform students on climate change - the causes for climate change-related migration, the effects and statistics on the issue, and possible ways to inform oneself further and aid...

Climate Refugees

Below is a video investigating climate refugees and the impacts COVID has had on them.  If you are interested, feel free to post comments, start discussions and search for additional resources.

Design and Technology Solutions for Refugees

This project focuses on how design and technology can be used as a tool to improve the well-being of refugees, specifically in aspects such as research, education, and communication. It also briefly outlines the Brilliant Bricks initiative which uses design and...

Humanizing Refugees

Below is information regarding the humanization of refugees and the impacts COVID has had on it.  If you are interested, feel free to post comments, start discussions and search for additional resources. Link to video Crossroads HK - link to website The Refugee Run...

Education for Refugees

This project investigates the education of refugees and the impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on it. If you are interested, feel free to post comments, start discussions and search for additional resources.

Vulnerability of Female Refugees

This project focuses on the vulnerability of female refugees by exploring the significant issues they face and the barriers they overcome. Female refugees are often discriminated against and viewed as passive, have little to no control over their lives and choices,...

African Refugee Crises – Part 1- Recent Action Taken

This is the first part of a piece written in February of 2019 by Teia Currimbhoy, on some of the refugee crises that were happening (and still are happening) in Africa. This first part focuses on recent events and action taken to improve the plight of refugees from...

Our Issues


We believe in equal rights for all. In Voices, we work to ensure that refugees and asylum seekers, as well as other marginalised groups, aren’t denied basic freedoms and human rights. In addition, we seek to dispel myths around refugees and asylum seekers, to ensure that they are fairly represented and receive the same opportunities as anyone else. Finally, we hope to give refugees and migrants a voice and a platform to speak, rather than speaking for them.


In Voices, we seek to hold governments accountable for their treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. We contact governments and send letters from students to governments and institutions across the globe, calling for change and reforms in policy, to ensure justice, freedom and safety for migrants and refugee communities. Finally, we seek to work with our school and other UWC communities to foster safe, welcoming environments for migrants.


Finally, we believe in the importance of partnership and community to achieve our goals. We aim to continue working with other services within our school, other UWC communities, and even outside organisations, to spread our message and work towards our goals. By partnering with others, not only do we gain more knowledge and resources to help further our cause, but we also gain the opportunity to meet others and take inspiration from other initiatives.

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