LO2 – Chinese Chat Reflection 1

Chinese Chat is an activity when senior students help the junior student with their Chinese learning. For me as a Chinese speaker, I first thought this activity will be relatively easy for me, however, I discovered teaching a language is a whole new story than speaking it. I have to overcome multiple challenges, such as explaining the word in English instead of reading the definition, etc.

I demonstrated Learning Outcome 2, Challenge through being a mentor at Chinese chat. The most challenging part of this activity, is explaining the meaning of a word and a sentence to my mentee. As a Chinese speaker, some of the phrases are “natural” for me, that I didn’t even think of the grammar behind it, but when my mentee asked me how a certain type of sentence works, there was a moment when my mind went blank. I have challenged myself by trying the best to explain vocabs and sentences to my mentee, which was definitely a fruitful experience.

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