EE Interim Reflection

The conversation I had about the feedback on my first draft was very insightful. My insights and research into the topic at hand as well as psychological mechanisms of moral disengagement was well researched and written about and made for a strong argument in terms of the psychological aspect. Another piece of research that was well argued was Zimbardo’s perspective of dispositional and situational factors which gave a strong sense of History vs psych. However, I also found that the flaw was within the counter-argument, that I needed to provide more examples of situational factors as the basis of my historical argument. History requires one to draw parallels from times, and I need to ask more questions about why there was a vacuum of leadership for example. Furthermore, I realized I need to discuss how these two factors interact because history is able to create the conditions present at the prison which in turn allowed the psychological mechanisms to occur. There is some further research to be done regarding the causations and the historical understanding.

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