Daraja Academy GC at UWCSEA Family Festival 2018 raised $421 from selling the hand-made products that women from the Twala Masai Community make. THANK YOU for your contributions, all profits raised along with donations will go towards building an outdoor classroom by the farm to support the girls learning about Agriculture.

What Nethmi had to say:

As a GC focussed on gender inequality and empowering girls education at Daraja Academy in Kenya, we decided that we must take part in fundraising activities at Family Festival in order to fund our projects. It was a great opportunity to show off what we are about as a GC. Individuals in the GC were assigned various roles and responsibilities. We decided that the money made during the festival would go towards funding the building of the outdoor classroom for the girls at Daraja. We decided to have a nail polish station, bouncy rides, a product stall, a performance, help at green fingers washing station and sell baked Kenyan goods in order to spread awareness about the work we do. All money raised in these activities would be used to support all GC’s in the community.

At the products stall, we sold jewellery and accessories that we had purchased at the Twaala Maasai village in Kenya. We explained to those who bought our products that our money was going towards an outdoor classroom and they were really pleased with our purpose.

What Sandra had to say:

One of these roles included the bouncy ride role of which we was a part of. This role entailed helping organisers (those who run the Rides) with inflating the balls and helping them monitor kids as they had fun in the water.

The nail painting stall was a great opportunity for families at the occasion to relax after taking part in the exhausting activities. We took this opportunity to raise awareness about Daraja which was done by painting nails in the Daraja colours (orange and blue).

What Losalini had to say:

Family Festivals was great and fun. It’s a good opportunity for us to show to everyone about our GC and what are we doing to help the GIRLS. The things that we planned and organise really turned out well. There were various of roles that were set out for every individuals in Daraja to play. Some of us took part in selling accessories in our Daraja Stall.We also sold Kenyan baked goods which included frosted cookies and Mahamri. Finally, we must also thank the ‘Focus Africa’ group because they decided to donate all the money they earned from their product stall for the work that our GC does.