This week, our Grade 11 students have their internal mock examinations, so we wish them the best of luck for those.

With a total of 6 students left in Daraja GC this week, we decided to spend this time to write some more letters to the Daraja girls. The feedback we have from them so far is they love to hear from us and are very excited to get responses. In the future, we are hoping to establish a system of individual pen pals so we can really get to know each other. But for now, it is great to have someone to write to!

The session also left time for the chair of the GC Jeethu, and the GC facilitators, Sarah and Kate to work on what long-term projects will be happening this term. In term 3, students will have the opportunity to work within the following teams:

  1. Blog team
  2. Gender Equality team
  3. Connections team
  4. Event Planning & Team Building team
  5. TGELF team

We are really excited to launch these projects next week and what we can achieve in 10 weeks!