Digital Bytes – 4th June, 2018


How Podcasts Can Improve Literacy in the Classroom
Commonsense Media explains how podcasts can improve literacy in your classroom. Emma Rodero says that “Listening to the words puts the visualization in my head.” One of the great things about many podcasts is that they have transcripts. You can use these transcripts with your students so they can listen and read at the same time.
9 Essential Cuts Every Video Maker Needs to Know
L-cuts, jump cuts, j cuts – these aren’t different ways to use your scissors. These are effective yet simple transitions that can make your movie even better. Take a look at this article from Shutterstock complete with easy to follow images and video tutorials.
8 Apps for Kids with Learning or Attention Issues
It doesn’t matter if your students have learning or attention issues, this article shares a number of apps both free and paid which can help support learners. I know that I will be trying out Speechify right away.

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