Digital Bytes May 11, 2015

In this week’s Digital Bytes, have a look at some videos that will help inspire you and your students, explore how to use Pinterest to support curating characters in your writing and check out Buffer, a tool to add text to an image for your tweets.

Digital Bytes – 2nd March 2015

This week’s Digital Bytes features information on finding global connections for your class, a look at the role of pictures in stimulating real-world problem solving with mathematics, and a tutorial on solving the annoying problem of ‘suggested videos’ appearing at the end of your embedded YouTube videos.

Digital Bytes February 23, 2015

This week’s focus is on reading and writing, including articles about enriching students’ creative writing skills with photography and using games like Mincraft to help your child with their reading. There is also a quick tutorial to help you learn how to delete those pesky untitled posts in your Google Site.

Primary Bytes February 9th 2015

This week in Digital Bytes we have articles on a searchable database of Public Domain media items, links to our parent workshop Parenting in the Digital Age, and a tutorial on how to embed a PDF in a website.

Primary Bytes from February 2nd, 2015

This week’s highlights from the Digital Bytes include a great article about writing in the 21st Century, talking about sexism in Superbowl ads and an iBooks Author Tutorial.

Parenting in the Digital Age

As parents, we all want what is best for our children. Kids are growing up in a digital age that is much different than the one we grew up in. Many parents are coming to grips with how they approach digital technology usage in their home. There are many approaches and every family and situation…

Changes to Tabs in Student Google Sites

A couple of changes need to be made to Primary student Google Sites so they can work more effectively. 1. The literacy tab needs to be renamed Reading Workshop.2. A new page needs to be added to Writing Workshop. See the video below for details: Student Google Site Page Changes from UWC South East Asia…

Mathematics Apps for School

We are always hearing about new apps and trying to find ones that are great for students. There are so many mathematics apps available, it is hard to find the ones that are best for student learning. Recently we sat down with our school’s Mathematics Coach, Tilson Crew, to evaluate what apps we should put…

Grade 5 Exhibition – Printed Display Boards

This year at East we are lucky to have access to a large format printer. I say large, and I mean HUGE! It is about the size of a piano (see the door in the picture as a frame of reference!). The Grade 5 students were given the option of printing their display boards in…