HS Model United Nations (MUN) Delegate Training

HS Model United Nations (MUN) Delegate Training, Initial reflection
LO1 Awareness : (Increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth)

Model United Nations is an activity where students come together to form resolutions to the current world issues, promoting peace and evolving our communication skills in the form of a debate. MUN also offers conferences for students of international schools through south east asia to form and debate on resolutions.

I have prior experience in MUN as I also took part in the activity for two seasons of school last year. Having the experience from last year and having been to two conferences, I am strong with the terminology and understand how MUN procedure works which will be beneficial for the conference’s approaching this year. I would definitely like to contribute more during activity and input my ideas during mock debates so that I can make mistakes during the practice sessions rather than during the actual conferences.

Being involved in this activity has helped me realize that I have to share my ideas in order to grow in my learning otherwise I will not get accurate or any feedback from the MUN trainers. This applies to all aspects at school as this is also a key learning objective during classes in order to get feedback from my teachers.

I am looking forward to further developing my confidence in Model United Nations throughout the year

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