EE reflection 3

Reflecting on my EE, I was given the opportunity to investigate the current environmental crisis with the overconsumption of petroleum. Investigating algal biodiesel has provided an insight into the world of alternative fuels focusing on their societal and economic impact. In hindsight, I would have approached my methodology and data processing differently. I stuck to the viability of algal biodiesel in comparison to petroleum but struggled to analyse the data. Furthermore, my calculations for the enthalpy change did not support my research. If I were able to obtain all the mathematical values from a single source and then cross check with other sources, my outcome might have been more reliable.. Although writing the extended essay was very demanding, it was very beneficial as I learnt how to conduct focused research, critically analyse source material and choose appropriate methodologies for an interdisciplinary paper. Despite the conclusion, I was given an insight into the world of alternative fuels and its potential to recover our environment. I thoroughly enjoyed writing my extended essay and have learnt many valuable skills for my future at university.

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