Atonement Chapter 10 Notes

Friday, 15.05.20

  • I am doing Jane Austen’s Persuasion for my EE and I did Little Women by Louisa May Alcott for my group reads. I am also re-watching the tv show version of Pride and Prejudice with my mum. (There is also a reference to Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey at the beginning of the book) We mentioned something in class about the scene that Cecilia’s presentation of herself and her clothes, and I thought it was interesting, its similarities of the whole idea of presentation and ‘handsomeness’ of women during those eras. So I thought I’d point it out.
  • With the extract from chapter 10, it is very interesting how Briony’s point of view was of the situation.
    • It was quite childish, jumping to conclusions. Another aspect of Briony that has been referenced before in other chapters. It could also be a reference to her longing to keep her childhood, seeing as she is growing up and the unspoken divorce.
    • Her observation skills and her imagination is strong, she assumes almost everything and trusts her assumptions. She most probably doesn’t understand, and to make sense of the world, she uses her imagination to fill in the gaps. This is a very childish thing to do, she is innocent, but is also either consciously or subconsciously protecting herself from the truth, that she is getting older, and she will need to learn about the things she doesn’t understand, that being, relationships, and real life. With Cecilia and Robbie and with her parents.
    • I think that Briony is scared of the future and scared of the knowledge she doesn’t know or understand, and to protect herself from this, she changes her view on situations, whether that is or isn’t subconscious because she is a child and she is innocent.
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