Extended Essay (Viva Voce) – RC3

Considering that I was doing a Music and English EE, I think the biggest challenge was finding analysis and being able to justify why that academic/expert opinion is valid. Since the response to music and language are subjective to the audience, it would be very easy to say that everyone has an expert opinion on the effect of the songs. However, throughout my EE writing process, I had to go back to the principles of the subjects, breaking down the techniques used, focusing on how and why, rather than what. I think the biggest lesson that I took away was making sure that you are always reminding your reader of the bigger picture, how your sub-point relates to your main point, and how that answers your research question. If I was to change my methodology, I would probably have tried to conduct primary research by interviewing people on their opinions of the songs, however, this might have affected my response, as we have a different cultural landscape than the United States, meaning that the songs might not resonate with an audience here. This journey helped me fall in love again with the process rather than just the end product.

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