Final Reflection (RC3) // Extended Essay

While the initial topic of water scarcity within Singapore, there was a lot about the question that changed. In hindsight, it would of been beneficial to fully understand what answering the question would entail and how exactly it would connect with economic theory. A lot of my “economic sustainable” had a lot of  I think I was a little confused for most of the first draft and I ended up having to change a lot of key arguments, and make small changes to my topic. Additionally writing the essay over a longer amount of time would allow me to develop my ideas a little bit more and I could of gone into a lot more detail, such as adding several more graphs, on each argument. A key thing I learned was how to take full advantage of the secondary research I had on hand. By organising all my sources early it allowed me to easily reference certain pieces of information when I needed it. Some of the theories were outside of syllabus, so utilising additional economic material helped me develop key points.

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