TedX Design Task


2. I did a lot of research into the elements of a minimalistic logo (one of the themes in my piece), and learnt about how spacing, colour, and selection of images can affect how “minimalistic” something is, which helped me, in turn, create the logo. I felt that the research was very integral in my task, and helped me “get it off the ground”.

3. I felt that I didn’t have to make extensive use of complex techniques; I felt that making things overly complicated would only go against the main theme of my design (minimalism). Something I learned from a peer was how to use software such as Canva to “divide” your design into multiple parts, making it easier to read and observe.


I felt that I deviated from my initial intentions, going for a more minimalist and less complex angle, meaning that I didn’t make much use of techniques such as double-exposure of two images, and such.

5. It aptly demonstrates the main topic (peace), through the “fish hook” “fishing” it out of the human brain, indicating discussion on peace.


I think that a peer, whose name I won’t say, did a good job at incorporating elements of simplicity and minimalism, putting plain, stand-out text on a neutral and tan background. This creates a wonderful simplicity to the poster.

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