Thoughts on “Instagram is the worst social media platform”

To begin with, I would like to state that I don’t use Instagram. I use Snapchat, and Facebook (pretty sparingly), but I have never installed, nor created an account on Instagram. That being said, I think that Social Media addiction can be a pretty serious issue in today’s society, that has grown so dependent on social approval and smartphones to keep our own self-esteems afloat. I believe that people, in History, have always been dependent on other’s social approval of themselves (which is why, in past, people haveĀ  bough extravagant clothes and purposely over-the-top goods). Social Media just makes it easier to receive that approval. However, equally paradoxically, it also renders us more dependent on it; the more likes we receive, the more we crave the like we’ll get on our next post… And on our next… And on our next… There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off yourself on Instagram, and see what your friends think about your own life, but there comes a point in time where you have to stop and think “Is this really necessary?”. And, in my opinion, that point is fast approaching.

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