My Week Season 1

My week in Season 1 tends to be quite variable. Monday is quite an easy start to the week, just with Philosophy club running from 3:00-4:30, giving me plenty of time to manage schoolwork. Tuesday, however, is by far the hardest day of the week, with Jakarta Street Kids taking up my lunchtime slot, and Boxing/Muay Thai running from 3:15-4:30, followed by IFP, running from 4:30-6:00. This takes up a significant amount of my day, so I’ll probably have to manage myself better by doing more work on Monday and the weekend in preparation, since I’ll have a reduced amount of time to do homework. Thankfully, Wednesday and Friday are both free days, and Thursday is also very manageable, with my service, Memoirs of the Pioneer Generation, running from 3:10-4:30, giving me plenty of time. So far, apart from Tuesday, my week is very flexible and leaves plenty of time for both homework and other pursuits, so long as I adequately prepare myself for Tuesday.

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