CAS reflection nov/dec

This year I decided to sign up for the high school pottery creative activity and also participate in my mentor class’s Marimba activity. These activities were a different experience in comparison to the activities that I had done last year. While the activities I have been participating in are all artistic, I have been able to explore different forms of art. More importantly, I feel that I have been able to express myself through these activities. As I already know how to play the piano, I felt as though participating in my mentor class’s Marimba sessions have helped me in exploring different kinds of instruments. I also feel as though it has helped me in becoming closer to my mentor class, a group which I did not spend too much time with. While I joined the pottery classes with no direction for my work to go, I realized over time that I wanted to create pieces which symbolised personal problems such as identity crisis and empowerment. Initially, I was worried that I would be unable to complete my ideas. However, now I am more confident in completing my work and creating a plethora of pieces which I can later exhibit. After I create these pieces, I still think there is more room for improvement. I can adapt my ideas, to make them more general so that other people too can relate to these issues. I also think that for my marimba activity, I can incorporate other instruments or take more leadership of the sessions. I know that I will make a conscious effort this term to develop and expand my ideas.  


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