Ethical Dilemma

The siege of Leningrad lasted over two and half years, with almost no supplies being brought in, the little food that was there needed to be rationed out carefully. Dmitri Pavlov was the person in charge of distributing the rations, it was his job to decided who got more than others, a job that holds many ethical dilemmas. What would you do if you were in his situation?

Personally, I feel like its needed to take into consideration many things before deciding how much food to give them. For example, how much they are/can contribute to the society, the labours of the society deserve to have the most food as they are constantly contributing and using up energy, however children who don’t contribute as much or not at all aren’t using up as much energy thus don’t need much food. Furthermore, a woman who has children should receive are a fair amount of food, because if a child’s parents would die from starvation the child will not be able to cope the harsh weather without guidance¬†and help meaning it would likely for that child to die too. Dmitri Pavlov’s job was very hard not only because of the ethical dilemmas we would have to face but also calculating the number of people to feed in Leningrad was very hard. A reason for this was because the population was constantly fluctuating as a result of the numerous deaths, around one million people died in Leningrad mostly from Starvation.

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