R : Who do you need to reconcile with? How can you do that? Who can help you?

There are some friends I want to reconcile with before I go off to University, I want to do that by just having a conversation with them and explaining the issues I am having with them,

A: Who are those special people you want to thank?

I have a lot of my friends and teachers I would like to thank for making my time at UWC so enjoyable- individuals I will miss a lot.

F: Who do you need to say goodbye to? How and When?

Mainly my family as I would assume they will miss me the most but, also the friends who I won’t see for a long time. I would probably start doing this closer to when I leave.

T: What do you need to know about your destination? What will you need to bring? What support networks are available there? Who can you contact already to find out more? What else will you be able to do other than academic work?

I should find out more about the environment in the place I want to go and study, I would assume I would have to bring a lot of utensils, not just clothing but also cooking utensils and basic living materials. My uncle lives in the place I would like to go to study so I have someone there who can inform me more about the place I am going. There are many clubs and societies in the place I want to go to University, therefore, I will have things to do other than academics.

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