IB English: Chosen article: Millennials guide to kissing

  • https://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/09/fashion/a-millennials-guide-to-kissing.html

What is revealed about the writer?

Emma Court is the author and is a millennial college student at the time of this article

She cares about what others think of her- thinking of the orthodox woman

She likes romantic things even if they are cliche

When texting him “she didn’t like how far away and powerless it made me feel.” Doesn’t like to feel out of control and powerless

Self aware enough to realise she’s trying to avoid being hurt by not risking herself by being vulnerable

How does the writer develop sense of self and their world?

“It stung when he said see you never,” she still had hope even thought she knew it was impossible

Describing the plane they were in together as if it were just the two of them. her inner thought process so we could understand he feelings. This shows their world which is the plane and her college in this article. And her sense of self which is a romantic college student who went on a school trip because she wanted to travel.

Revealing parts of her life when it is relevant to her her inner feelings about what she feels on hook up culture, such as when she describes her roommates hookup experience.

She develops her sense of self by guiding the reader to reach the same conclusion on hook up culture by leading them through the same thought processes and experiences that she had so we would understand where she is coming from

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