Contradictory Feelings toward characters in Macbeth

Analyse the ways in which Shakespeare evokes contradictory feeling towards his characters Captain speaks of “Brave Macbeth- Well he deserves that name.” Fighting in battle against traitors. This presents the audience a persona of a manly bold Macbeth without Macbeth even entering the stage. On the contrary though, Lady Macbeth questions whether Macbeth is a […]

Macbeth difference between direct and indirect characterisation

Differentiate between direct and indirect characterisation Shakespeare uses in order to construct his characters In Act 1 of “Macbeth,” Shakespeare uses indirect characterisation to construct the protagonist Macbeth. The wounded Captain sings praises of Macbeth to King Duncan of how “…with his brandished steel/ Which smoked with bloody execution/ Like Valour’s minion carved out his […]

The Top 6 Tips from Steve Dawson for Interviews

The top tips that Steve Dawson gave about interviewing people were these tips. Set the answer free. Don’t set unnecessary parameters for the question. “How does it feel..” is the best question to ask because of the many ways it can be answered. Ask open ended questions. Provide a challenge for your interviewees for them […]