The Power of Self-Awareness

In the last 5 weeks, we have covered a plethora of topics in PSE. We learned the importance of emotional intelligence, how different personality traits impact people’s lifestyle and lastly, and most important in my opinion, we delved deep into our own personality and stripped it down to really see who we are.

This instance of self-awareness allows us, as students, to peel back our layers and see the adults we are developing into. In this moment of reflection, we can try to identify bad habits, which may lead to trouble in the future, early on and take essential steps to alter our personality to benefit ourselves. On the contrary, we can identify personality strengths in ourselves and work towards creating challenges to further develop there traits. We need to be able to adapt to situations in which certain emotional or personality traits are required to persevere and get a job done, which brings me to grit. Grit is extremely important when it comes to the success of a person, it is defined as a person’s persistence or tenacity. It is often the main differentiation between success and failure and sometimes even allows non-“talented” people to excel at certain activities

Another concept we learned was emotional intelligence and how it is important to be in tune with your emotions. We learned the importance of being able to recognise emotions and how to interpret their meanings. This is a rudimentary task which we often overlook, however, it is essential for our well-being as a whole. It allows us to recognise situations and adapt to them accordingly to yield a desired outcome.

Overall, self-awareness and constant reflection is essential to us so that we can develop and mould ourselves into the people we would like to be in the future.



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