Culturama Reflection 2

It has been over a month since I have started learning and rehearsing for my culturama dance, and in this period all we have done is learn the various steps of the dance within the confines of the dance studio, we haven’t practised on stage. This does make me anxious about how the dance will go on show day and hasn’t helped relieve my stage fright. A majority of my interactions have been with the rest of the participants in my dance and my dance leaders who have guided me towards learning the dance skills required to participate in a showcase of this magnitude. Overall, regarding my goals, I believe that I have got rid of my preconceived notions and I have (although not fully) developed new dance skills, however, I do not feel like I have overcome my fear regarding public performance since, as I mentioned, I am still anxious about performance day.

LO2: Upon completing my goal of performing in public, I do believe that I have achieved this learning outcome. It is incredibly important to be able to be vocal in public and the anxiety and nerves I faced during this process have taught me how to do so.

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