EE Day Exit Ticket

One thing I’ve Learned

I spent a huge part of the day trying to structure my essay in the clearest and most concise manner so that the reader can follow the content without being lost. Today I learned that we need to teach the readers any content that isn’t on the course. This allowed me to develop that content of my essay in a followable manner

What I am proud of 

I am proud of learning the skills necessary to start my derivation for the mapping plot of the first spherical projection (Mercator). I am also proud that I was able to finish the bulk of my introduction seeing that it will be one of the most word-intense portions of my essay.

What I’ll be doing next

Moving forward, I will finish one of the prerequisite knowledge sections of my EE, start my first derivation and become fluent in the Gaussian Curvature/Theorema Egregium material I need to know. Most urgently, however, I need to work on the suggestions my supervisor gave me in regards to my introduction.

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