Green Umbrella – Reflection 1

Green Umbrella is a GC, or Global Concern, in our school in which we work closely with Green Umbrella NGO in Cambodia. The NGO runs a school in rural Cambodia, offering free education to children from 12 surrounding villages. Recently,  GU has diversified and in addition to running a school, they also aim to educate villagers on big environmental issues in their society. I am the chair of the GC (as I have been for the last year)  and I am in charge of our GC operations and organizing sessions. This year our GC will have 2 main focuses: firstly we aim to organize an awareness based event in our school to educate our peers; second, we hope to facilitate change surrounding the awareness of plastic use in the GU community. Attached is our formal goal setting.

The most difficult thing to tackle in this first portion of the year was adjusting to the new financial laws in Singapore. These laws prevented us from selling any GC merchandise and raise money for GU. Although raising funds was not our primary objective for the year; the resultant awareness raised by selling items was forgone. Due to this, our school’s Service Expo was canceled and thus we further lost out on informing people about GU.

To start the year, service Executive organized a meeting for all GC Chair to discuss possible structural and operational changes in GCs regarding participation, an update on the financial laws and more. This meeting allowed us as leaders to collaborate in a way that hadn’t been done before and was a productive and thought-provoking session.

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