Green Umbrella – Reflection 2

In my GC Green Umbrella, we are currently working towards our first overarching goal which is to organize an awareness based event. The idea is that we have a GU Breakout and GU Pong, both of which are fun interactive games for the students but also satisfy our criteria of educating them on the issues of the GU community and Cambodia as a whole. The planning process has been, quite frankly, shaky. The participation in the GC this year has been much less as compared to the previous year and, thus, it has been quite difficult to organize the event. That being said, all the GC participants to work towards tasks they are given in an efficient manner.

Since our event does not call for students to make donations, it is much easier to plan the event from a purely logistical standpoint. And, as a leader, has been easier to organize.

In the last couple of weeks, and more so after the event, we have discussed operations for the family festival. The family festival is the biggest opportunity for GC awareness after the canceled service expo. Furthermore, we will have the opportunity to sell merchandise as long as we follow a structured and specific planning process which I have just started. During the family festival, we aim to sell all of our merchandise as updated school rules regarding sustainable merchandise will cause some of our products to be invalid to sell.

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