Blogging in the Infant School


Blogging is a way to help communicate what’s going on in your classroom with an audience that includes parents.  It makes the learning going on in your class visible and provides a forum for interaction via commenting. (Here are some examples of Kinder blogs Mrs. Wills, Zoe Page)

Our teachers in the infant school are using Blogger as the platform for their class blogs.  The expectation is that they’ll post at least every two weeks beginning Nov. 4. The blog should reflect the individuality of each classroom and the “style” of the teacher.  Some classrooms are very visual and we’d expect these teachers to share lots of photos and video examples while other teachers will prefer to write more descriptive, text posts.

1. Getting started with Blogger

2. Adding Comment Moderation

3. Adding Gadgets

4. Preview & About Me

5. Writing your first post

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