Using Your Email in Gr 2


This week we began to talk to our Grade 2s about using their school GMail in preparation for when they move to Grade 3. We were so impressed with our ‘internet savvy’ our students were! 

These are the slides we used during our discussion:

Things we discussed:

– What will your digital footprint be?
– Digital footprints can be big or small, helpful or hurtful
– Assume everything you do online can be seen by others 

– You can’t take it back…so think before you type!
– Don’t tell anyone your password! Don’t use anyone else’s password. Use strong passwords

– Protect your email – never share your email address with someone you don’t know. One way spammers get email addresses is by using programs called spiders, crawlers and bots. These programs search the Web, collecting e-mail addresses and adding them to spamming lists

Other things to remember: 
– This is your school email, to be used for school tasks
– Don’t send annoying forwards e.g. ‘OMG send this to 9 people or you’ll have bad luck for the next 17 years’
– “When in doubt, doubt.” you need to develop a healthy skepticism about any information you receive in e-mail – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

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