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Earlier this year Jeff wrote two blog posts about using digital tools to capture what we call ‘Learning Talks’ – Tech to Transform Assessment Part 1 and Learning Talks Take Off. I really like how Jeff explains the term ‘Learning Talks’:

“‘Learning Talks’, (also explained by colleague Andrew McCarthy), allow us to see and review students’ metacognition, or thinking about thinking. There are several ways teachers have always done this, using things like oral examination or less formally by questioning. Using technology however we can capture the student’s thoughts in the moment, as they’re working out a problem. This gives us invaluable insight into their understanding of a topic. I’m describing Learning Talks as a genre here because there are really many ways that they can be done. We focused on a few different ones during our session.”

What are Learning Talks? Here are some examples… 

An Example from K1
This example was completed one-on-one with the student and the teacher. The children had been involved in a Unit of Inquiry that looked at how they grow and change and these Learning Talks were gathered as a formal piece of assessment. 

An Example from K2
This Learning Talk was created by the students at the end of a Unit of Inquiry that looked at our bodies, how they work and how we can keep them healthy. As the Digital Literacy Coach I worked with the class teachers to assist the students to create their recordings as we found working in partners in a quiet room enhanced the quality of the video. These learning talks were shared with parents at a workshare.

An Example from Grade 3
This is a math example from Grade 2:

We see a lot of potential for the use of Learning Talks. All you really need is an iPad and the App. You could take a screen shot of something and have the children explain it, you can use the camera and have the children explain that. So many possibilities! 

We have started a Google Presentation to gather ideas for how Learning Talks could be used in the classroom. If you have an idea we would love it it if you would add it to the presentation. 

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