Getting Started With Your iPad

The Early Results of an iPad Classroom

Initial Steps to Get Your iPad Ready

1. Accessing Your Personal and School Gmail

2. Install Google Drive and Dropbox

Installing and using Google Drive and Dropbox makes getting creations (photos, videos, iBooks etc) off your ipad easier. You can set them up using your school Gmail account, a personal Gmail account, or if you think you may get the students to use the apps you might want to think about setting up a generic class Gmail account.


Google Drive

3.  Mirroring on the Classroom Whiteboard

We have some dongles that will allow you to hook your iPad up to your computer in order to show your screen on the IWB. 

BUT a much more efficient way to do this is to use Reflector (You will need to have the app installed on your computer by IT Support) Here is a short video that explains how to mirror your iPad on your whiteboard.

4. Organization Is the Key

As you add apps to your iPad you may like to consider using folders to keep them all organized.  Here are two a blog posts, one by K2 Enterprises and one by, that explain the steps to creating folders. 

Tips and Tricks

We will work through some of these tips – if you have anything else that you have found useful when using the iPad join in and tell us:
  • Closing Apps
  • Switching between Apps
  • Double tap
  • Siri
  • Lock / Unlock 
  • Photos
  • Videos

Other Resources

Blog Posts by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

Blog Posts by Dana Watts

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