Grade 1 Poetry Books using Book Creator


Our Grade 1 students have been thoroughly enjoying their poetry unit. They have looked at the poems of different authors, tried to emulate their style, and have create their very own poems.

We wanted to capture the beautiful poems the students had written, so we decided to make an eBook with Book Creator. The added value we gained in using a digital format is that the students could include a voice recording of their poem.

In class, we set up a couple of Justands (iPad Stands) with the app open. Students took turns to take a photo of their poem, add their name, and record their voice.

As a nice follow-up activity, students showed their parents how to do it during student-led conferences last week.

We have published a couple of the poetry anthologies to, so if you would like to download the books yourself, please do!

Grade 1 BRo Poetry Anthology

Grade 1 LoW’s Poetry Collection

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