Digital Bytes 18 April 2016

The Top Google Updates in 2016 You’ll Want to Know About

The folks at MakeUseOf have given us a great rundown on everything from Add-ons in Forms to new options in Image Search, with their overview on updates in 2016.

Check out the blog post to get the full story!
The Minecraft Generation

Clive Thompson at The New York Times, has written a fascinating piece outlining some of the historical events of the game, and identifying key reasons for its popularity.

One example? Creators had no budget for tutorials, however, this forced extensive information sharing amongst players.
How to Make Your Google Presentations Shine

Google Slides templates have always left something to be desired. But now there are some new updates and there are a number of enhanced options.

This article gives some advice on how to make your Google Presentations shine. There are a number of great options mentioned in the article including Slides Carnival.

It also mentions using Google Slides to create other products such as book reports, certificates, and portfolios.

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