Digital Bytes – 31st October, 2016


Technology in the Early Years
Anyone interested in integrating technology into a Reggio inspired classroom should read this article.
At the core of the article is the premise that we need to look at technology as one of the languages instead of a tool.

Debi Keyte-Hartland has 20 years experience working in early childhood.
8 Great Educational Podcasts for Kids
Whether you are a parent looking for something different for the kids to listen to on your morning drive, or a teacher wondering how to maximise the use of the iPads in your classroom, podcasts could well be the answer!
Jennifer Gonzalez has curated some excellent educational Podcasts for kids in her blog post. From book clubs to science, ‘why’ questions to classical music, there is something in here for everyone.
Split Screen in Mac OS – Quick & Easy!
This new MacOS feature will benefit anyone looking to do research and take notes, or just those who like to have more than one window on the go at once. This tutorial video will show you how to use Split Screen on a Mac – takes only seconds to get up and running!

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