What if we podcastified our PD?


How do we make our learning audible?

This past weekend, the Dover Campus hosted an annual iPad conference (see @ipadk5 #ipadk5 via Twitter for more).
In the second episode of ‘Podcast UWCLearn’ Keri-Lee and Dave reflect on their learning experiences and offer their thoughts on where to next.

This post hosts that episode with two agendas:

1. Learn more about the iPad conference and think about ways to follow up with Keri-Lee or Dave.

2. Think about using Podcast UWCLearn as a way to follow up on your PD experiences this year. If you are interested in asking a coach to guide you through that conversation, we are happy to do so. If you have a learning experience you want ‘podcastified,’ please let a DLC know and we will schedule the chat. Could this be a better way to share our learning with the broader community?

Featured in this episode are:

Pana Asavavatana


The link to her teddy bear project is here.

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