#teacherbookclub roundup for November


Has Twitter become a virtual staff room for teachers everywhere?

#teacherbookclub is a monthly online discussion of books relevant to today’s educator.  Past guest authors have been Bill and Ochan Powell,  George Couros, Angela Maiers, and John Spencer.
This weekend #teacherbookclub discussed a multi-touch free book focused on visual note taking.  This book was co-authored by a group of Apple Distinguished Educators (including Dover’s Nicki Hambleton). You can still download Sketchnoting for Teaching and Learning by

What does a ‘Twitter’ book club discussion look like?

In the week’s leading up to the chat, the questions are shared in advanced and participants have time to consider resources and answers they’d like to share.  This month’s questions are here:

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What can I expect to learn from lurking or participating?

Here is the recap of tweets shared in this month’s hour of #teacherbookclub.
If you’d like to join next month’s online forum, please see a DLC to learn more.
For a guide to hosting your own Twitter chat, click here.

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