Digital Bytes – 28th November, 2016


Coding apps available on iPads
We already have a number of apps available to support coding on our iPads.
Starting with Scratch Jr and Daisy the Dinosaur on Infant iPads and then Hopscotch there is something for everyone. If your iPads are updated to iOS 10, you can use Swift Playgrounds which is great for grades 3-5.
Unplugged Activities
You don’t need to be on a device to learn the fundamentals of coding. has a whole section of unplugged activities.
They also have a mix of unplugged and computer based activities for 4-6 year olds like Move it, Move it and Plant a seed.
There are also loads of age appropriate activities for grade 1 or older. For students in grade 3 or older, there are two options available called course 3 and course 4.
Pana is an early years educator, an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Book Creator Ambassador and an accomplished speaker and presenter.
She in an expert in supporting teachers to integrate coding into their classroom and has initiatives like Kids Kode Exchange, using Ozbots, animal habitat robots, and many more. She does an amazing job sharing what she is doing so others can follow along.

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