Friday Friendly: Up your iMovie Game


Producing quality videos is getting easier and easier.

How can you inspire students to curate better work?

Step One: Slow down…Speed UP!

Slow/quick motion can add a flare of drama or comedy. But now you can add it not only to one clip, but you can modulate your speeds within each clip.
HOW TO: Hold the R key and pull the portion of the clip in the timeline you want to adjust, remember you can always continue making adjustments.
Level up and make sure the Smooth option is checked, this makes your footage even more seamless.

Step Two: Get Correct!

Having balanced/corrected colors is useful particularly for films edited by groups.  If footage was collected on different devices, or from a variety of angles, adjusting the colors helps you produce a more professional final product.

Step Three: All hands on deck for audio

Nothing is more distracting to a good viewing experience than poor sound.  Take time with the audio. Consistency is key…unless you are trying to create suspense or drama.


Step 3b: Soundscaping is easy with Creative Commons

Students edit in an eWorld with great options for soundscaping.  Looking for music your students are encouraged to use?
HOW TO: Start here.

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