Digital Bytes – 27 Feb, 2017


Pixar: The Art of Storytelling

We are all storytellers. Here is your chance to learn from the master storytellers at Pixar through this Khan Academy course which takes you through the process of telling an effective story.

There are videos and activities that make this a great process for you and your students regardless of the medium you are using to tell your story.

Adobe Spark Video

A number of our grade levels have been creating movies with students and a fantastic tool to explore is Adobe Spark Video. It provides excellent structures to help students understand the elements of various genres of videos.

You can easily log in with your Google account (students can log in with your class account).

When Social Media Breaks Bad: Why I STILL want my Students Using Social Media

Things don’t always run smoothly when using social networks. It would be easy to shut down access and avoid having to risk potential problems. However, our students need us to support them in dealing with conflicts, such as the “11 year old troll” mentioned in the article. This is a great read from @MrShoenbart, which we encourage you to check out!

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