Digital Bytes Monday 13th March 2017


Abstract – Netflix Series

Abstract, a fascinating series (free on Netflix right now) takes you into the minds of designers in a range of fields – from shoe design to architecture and everything in between. Perfect for our focus on Learning Spaces.
World Population History

This interactive experience on World Population shows how population growth has changed from 1 C.E. to the projected population in 2050. Watch the video to get an overview, or play with the interactive sliders and overlays to explore themes such as environment, or people and society, or use of fossil fuel emissions
The New Science of Team Chemistry

Are you a Pioneer, a Guardian, a Driver or an Integrator? Each team member is comprised of combinations of those four characteristics, though one or two will likely resonate with you. In the New Science of Team Chemistry, find out how exploring your dominant characteristics and understanding those of your team members, can enable you to work more effectively as a team.

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