Digital Bytes – 8th May, 2017

Easiest Slideshow Ever!

With the newest update to iOS, you have access to the easiest slideshow making tool we have ever seen: Memories.

Simply put a number of photos into a folder on your iPad or iPhone,, open the folder and tap on the dates at the top of the screen and your slideshow is made! You can add or take out photos and even include videos.

You’re Not Going to Believe What I’m About to Tell You

The Oatmeal has produced a classroom-friendly cartoon about the Backfire Effect – the reasons why people find it difficult to accept information that challenges their world view. This graphic is best suited to students G5 and above, but will be an interesting read for all teachers.

Digital Breakout

BreakoutEDU is a fantastic experience which focuses on a group’s ability to work together and solve a series of problems.

Digital Breakouts have no physical components and only need an internet connected device. There are different challenges for various age levels. Try them out yourself!

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