Digital Bytes – 12th June, 2017

10 Great Places to Find Background Music For Video
We all know the difference music can make in video to help set the mood and support the visual component.
We have already looked at Creator Studio which is part of your YouTube account and is a great source of free music.
Here are 10 more places you can find music for videos. Some of these sites are musicians who are sharing their music and others are collections of royalty free music from around the internet.
21 Chrome Extensions for All Students
However, the Chrome Extensions mentioned in the article can benefit all students and help support with features like text to speech, readability, reading comprehension, focus and navigation.
15 Teacher Podcasts for Your Summer Playlist
With summer just around the corner, there are probably a number of times where you will be sitting around not doing much (or, let’s face it, awake in the middle of the night with jetlag).
A great thing to fill this time is a podcast. Here is a list of 15 Teacher podcasts that have something for everyone. Everything from Vicki Davis’ 10 minute podcast to the Dr. Will Show which features a variety of leaders in education.

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