30+ resources to help you rethink your learning space (and counting)

Recharging your batteries over the summer is a good time to being to rethink your classroom design for next year (or to finally catch up on Netflix).  To help you prioritize and innovate, here are 30+ resources to get you started (follow the Flipboard to get all the updates as they come):

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Designing for Inquiry, Exploration, and Creation

Learning spaces designed for inquiry do not emphasize a demarcation between teacher and student spaces, have no set “front of the room,” create makerspace-type areas for students to create, tinker, and design, and employ instructional pedagogies that push students to ask questions and seek understanding—not listen to information and regurgitate. The problems of tomorrow will be solved by those students who have such opportunities today.” (Full Edutopia article by Eric SheningerThomas C. Murray)

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