Start your new year with a new challenge…

Rope Climbing, Santa Monica flickr photo by Boss Tweed shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

A new year brings an educator fresh opportunities.

If you have a blog that’s been gathering dust, or you feel intrigued by the idea of starting one, this post is for you.  Join over twenty teachers across seven countries who have signed on for the five month portfolio challenge.  If you join this August, you will be joining us for the fourth round (but don’t worry, we will have new challenges coming soon).

Why should you consider this challenge?

George Couros has written about the why extensively, check out his blog here. For a snapshot of his rationale keep reading:

 Sometimes, for my own clarification, I go back and read my own blog to look at what I have done and how I can continuously work on it to improve. This transparent way of learning is something that I believe can not only improve the teaching profession as a whole (for example, take a look at the conversation on this Pernille Ripp post from today), but is something that could really improve learning for our students.

Each month we use a different set of ‘thought-bait’

The prompts for your post are all included (but please, rebels are welcome too-go ahead and blog to the beat of your own drummer.) Here are our seven prompts for August:
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Once your post is ready…

You are asked to kindly drop it off here by August 27th.  The posts are then bundled into reading and commenting teams (see here for an example from June).
If you have any questions about joining, please leave a comment below. If you aren’t ready to compose your own post, but you’d like to join as a reader, we’d welcome that with open arms–please leave a comment and I’ll be sure to get you the bundle of posts at the end of the month.

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