UWC DAY: Building a bridge with blogs


How is a UWC Education relevant to your future?

This might be a question you think about often, for UWC Day we want you to share your answer with UWC students and teachers from around the world.

How do I share?

Using a blog, please post your response as a photo essay, in a video, through a song, in text, or in a mixture of all of those text types. Your share can be as long or as brief as you’d like. ¬†You can also buddy-post: team up with a peer and share your thoughts together.

When do I share?

Anytime Sept 19-21st. We will curate all of the posts for you to read and comment on.

Where do I share?

Once your post is ready to share, please link it in on this form.

Why do I share?

When in doubt, connect

That’s what fast-growing, important organizations do.

Making stuff is great.

Making connections is even better. (Seth Godin)

If you have questions or would like help getting set up, please leave a comment below.


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