The Teacher Portfolio Challenge: so glad you made it!

Fossil flickr photo by Hellebardius shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

Month five of five is through!

Congratulations to participants who carved out time to think and share with us over the past five months.  Moving forward, I hope this process provided a little motivation to continue doing so.  Those of you reading from UWCSEA, please consider signing up for our Portfolio PLP learning series (more on that here).

Perhaps the process felt similar to Steve Wheeler’s sentiments from his post “Seven Reasons Teachers Should Blog:”


Blogging can crystalise your thinking. In the act of writing, said Daniel Chandlerwe are written. As we write, we invest a part of ourselves into the medium. The provisionality of the medium makes blogging conducive to drafting and redrafting. The act of composing and recomposing ideas can enable abstract thoughts to become more concrete. Your ideas are now on the screen in front of you; they can be stored, retrieved and reconstructed as your ideas become clearer. You don’t have to publish if you want to keep those thoughts private. Save them and come back to them later. The blog can act as a kind of mirror to show you what you are thinking. Sometimes we don’t really know what we are thinking until we actually write it down in a physical format.

To see our final bundles of the challenge, please click here.


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