Human Rights and Digital Literacy: A Global Perspectives Resource


Can better digital literacy beget better global citizenship?

Can VR give us insight into the refugee experience?

“In this immersive VR film by Contrast VR and AJ+, ride with Jamalida around a crowded refugee camp, accompany her inside her tiny home, sit down in the narrow streets with her sons as they play and feel what’s it like to be stranded in a foreign land.”

Internet access is a human right?
Human RIghts Animated in Two Minutes


#standup4humanrights a UN campaign
In Plain Sight: A Podcast with experts


Ashlie Bryant (3 Strands Global)
Ashlie is the VP of Development and Outreach for 3 Strands Global and the founder of Break Free, an anti-trafficking organization that recently merged with 3 Strands to expand their efforts. She has been a part of the CA Attorney General’s round table in Sacramento, which focuses on collaborative solutions to human trafficking, and in 2013, Ashlie was awarded a Resolution by the California State Senate for her hard work and dedication.”

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LSE: Student Blog about Human Rights

Access the blog here.

“The LSE human rights blog is a student-led project based in the Centre for the Study of Human Rights. It is a place for open discussion of ideas, events, and critical views on the topic of human rights – whatever the term means to you.”

Witness Media Lab Blog

Access the blog here.

“WITNESS believes that the next stage of human rights documentation and advocacy will be powered by videos created and shared by eyewitnesses. The skills needed to use those videos safely and effectively are critical to harnessing the incredible potential that stands before us.”

UN Women Digital Media Library

View infographics, photo essays, cartoons and more here.

UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. A global champion for women and girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide.”


Are Human Rights always good?

View the full list of episodes available here.

Should AI have the same rights as humans?

Check out #AsEquals

“As part of As Equals, a series funded by the European Journalism Centre, CNN is covering gender inequality around the world. From education, to work, to relationships, CNN wants to know what living #AsEquals means to you?”

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