Digital Bytes – 30 April, 2018


Goodnight  Stories for Rebel Girls Podcast
The popular books, Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, now have a podcast! These stories are longer and more detailed than the short stories in the books. The running time is around 15-20 minutes. Why not have your students read a story and then listen to the longer podcast story? Then get them to have a conversation about what was included in the podcast that wasn’t included in the story and why they think the author made those choices?
Screencasting For Formative Assessment
Many of us have used screencasting with our students to get them to share their digital work. This page shares 10 ways that you can use screencasting for formative assessment. There may be some new things for you to try such as using screencasting for peer review or exit slips.
Google Forms Add Ons
If you like Google Forms, then you need to check out these four add ons that will make your Forms even better. Data Director and Advanced Summary are just a couple of the tools that will help you when sharing forms and extrapolating data from them.

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