The Eight Day Data Detox Program


Ways your data can/has been used has been a current theme in the media this year. The Cambridge Analytical Scandal has had people wondering whether or not they want to continue using Facebook.  If you are keen to think more about that issue, I highly recommend you listen to the first episode of The Atlantic’s brand new podcast Crazy/Genius, “Why Can’t Facebook Tell the Truth?”

You may not use Facebook or social media, but if you are online, chances are your data is in places you may not want it to be.  So what can we do?

If you have 20-30 minutes a day, you can try this 8 Day Data Detox program. Each day has a different objective and a different perspective on the ways your data presents itself.

Every day, we leave behind information about ourselves in the digital world: when we were at our favorite coffee shop, where we buy clothes, which one of our friends we spend the most time chatting with. Almost nothing goes unnoticed if we’re not careful. (more here)

If you try the challenge, please tell us what you thought of the experience in the comment section below!

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