Teams that Research together, Learn together

Does your team/dept share resources, explore research or flag up must-see videos for one another? Do you lose track of all the links? Do you wish you could share your reading with members of the faculty outside of this team or teammates across schools?

Help me help you!

What if you had a little help generating an archive of your team’s learning–a legacy of your professional learning for you to share as widely as you’d like?

Your team’s archive could:

Be used to ask experts for comments.

Help find out what other school’s are doing.

Launch conversations across schools.

Allow team members to catalog and collaborate on action research.

Be a place to foster community.

Practice ‘now literacies.’

Make your departmental conversations transparent, creating a resource for incoming new teachers to learn from.

Become a monthly newsletter to use for department meeting conversation starters.

Leave a comment below to request a meeting to learn more.



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  1. Steve says:

    Greetings – love to have you at a meeting to find out more 🙂
    Kind regards,

    Steve Hickey
    HOD Art

    1. pfr says:

      Invite sent!

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