Digital Bytes – 25th Feb. 2019


Crash Course Navigating Digital Information

Building on last week’s great video about lateral reading, here is a fantastic playlist of Navigating Digital Information. Whether you want to learn about fact checking or evaluating evidence, photos, videos, there is something that everyone can take away from these videos.

How Game Based Learning Empowers Students for the Future

This page has a great variety of resources for anyone interested in how games can support student learning. There is an overview of articles, options for games in the classroom, teaching with Minecraft and options to find lessons for your classroom based on your needs. If you are going to bookmark one page for game based learning, this is the one.

Dealing with Scams

The Canadian government has put out a resource to help people to understand and deal with digital scams such as phishing, identity theft, subscription traps and other scams. This is a great resource for anyone doing anything on the internet. That means you.

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