Digital Bytes – 25th March, 2019


The Value of a Teacher – Alan November

You don’t know how to use Google. Neither do your students. Do you know how to use country codes to find primary sources? Did you know Harvard Medical School uses wikipedia (Yes, that wikipedia) with their students? If you are asking your students to search for information on the internet, you need to watch this TED talk by Alan November

Prism – A Collaborative Tool for Interpretation of Texts

Prism will change your literacy classroom. Put some text into Prism. Have your students highlight words, phrases or something that confuses them in one of three colours. Prism will then change the text for you so you can see what common things are being highlighted.  Check out the 3 minute video to see how it works.

Jeopardy in Google Slides

Are you looking for a fun way to use Google Slides? Check out this Jeopardy game board made in Google Slides which can be adapted for your needs. You can use this template to create your own game or even have your students create their own Jeopardy games.

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